Player Directions

Before Player Visit

Before your classroom visit, you will receive training from our staff on a public speaking strategy called "purposeful storytelling," learn about Sam Hairston's 3 Success Strategies, and practice your story.


You will use that strategy and story when you visit your classroom as part of the program.

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During Player Visit

Connect to students’ prior knowledge while discussing Hairston’s 3 success strategies. Next, use “purposeful storytelling” to teach your own success strategy.


Then listen to students share their goals, while discussing strategies they can apply  to reach those goals. Lastly, take photos to post on social media.

After Player Visit

Personal narratives written by students on how they'll apply what they learned from you will be delivered to you at your baseball complex. These are supportive of academic content standards focused on English Language Arts.

Be sure to post on your social media sites how you gave back and impacted the local community in the Your Success Story Program.

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