Who We Are

Extra Innings Foundation was started by Sofia Bryant and her brother Alex Bryant, students at Bishop Moore Catholic High School in Orlando, Florida.

The Foundation started in 2015 after identifying the local partnership Sofia's and Alex's Church has with the Diocese of San Juan de la Maguana.

In the past, equipment sent to the Dominican Republic was held at the local airport until a fee was paid, taxed in an exorbitant manner as a requirement to enter the country, or strangely went missing once delivered to the Dominican Republic. Working through their Church, Sofia and Alex found a dependable and cost effective means of getting donated baseball equipment to the kids in the Dominican Republic who need it.

Extra Innings Foundation has a pending application with the IRS to obtain 501(c)(3) exempt status.

Our Supporters

  • Bishop Moore Catholic High School
  • Orlando Scorpions
  • TNXL Baseball
  • Orlando Wolverines Baseball Club
  • St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church