What We Do

We collect new and gently used baseball equipment to distribute to children throughout the Dominican Republic who do not have the means to get their own equipment.

We get equipment from donations provided to our various chapters throughout the United States.  The equipment is sorted, cleaned, and packed for shipment to the Dominican Republic.

Our collected equipment is distributed by The Orlando Catholic Archdiocese through its partnership with The Diocese of San Juan de la Maguana in the Dominican Republic.

Through Extra Innings Foundation, baseball equipment is given new life in the Dominican Republics for kids who otherwise would never have baseball equipment.

Why the Dominican Republic?

Baseball is more than a way of life in the Dominican Republic.  It is a social vehicle that helps children from impoverished backgrounds eliminate barriers that would otherwise prevent them from participating in a sport that can help them get an education, develop a strong social network, and help them participate in a healthy activity.

Baseball equipment in the Dominican Republic is prohibitively expensive.  Through a series of taxes imposed by the government on baseball equipment, combined with devastating poverty throughout the country, baseball equipment is unobtainable for most children.

Alex Bryant, one of the founders of Extra Innings Foundation, has been playing baseball since he was a young child.  He saw his closet and garage were stacked with cleats, helmets, bats, and other gear that was hardly used.  

His older sister, Sofia, realized all this gear could be used by others and was going to waste sitting gathering dust.  And Alex was just one kid.  Sofia thought how many other kids have the same pile of gear in their closets and garages.